Upcoming Adult Felting Workshops

Friday, April 28: Wet Felted Flowers at Alpacas from MaRS farm in Snohomish, WA

Saturday, April 29: Felted Slippers at Alpacas from MaRS farm in Snohomish, WA

Wednesday April 5: Wet Felted Flowers at Art and Soul Retreat in Portland, OR

Thursday, April 6: Felted Slippers at Art and Soul Retreat in Portland, OR

Sunday, April 9: Textural Wet Felting at Art and Soul Retreat in Portland, OR


Workshop Descriptions

An incomplete list, of course. Click on the images to see them at full size.
For more information about classes, sign up for the email list below, or contact LeBrie directly at lebrie [dot] rich <at> gmail [dot] com.

lebrie rich felted slippers Felted Slippers

Learn to make slippers using a plastic resist as the pattern. Students will come away with one completed pair of slippers and the know-how to make more for any sized foot. Best for those with some felting experience or scrappy beginners.

5-6 hours.

 wet-felted-flowers-students Wet Felted Flowers

Learn to make gorgeous felted flowers! In this class you’ll learn the basics of wet felting – combining hot water, soap and a little elbow grease with dyed wool fiber to make felt. This class is an opportunity to PLAY with fiber and color in three dimensions. We’ll sculpt abstract flowers that can be put in a vase, or pinned on a lapel for a cheery spot of color.

2-3 hours.

nuno felt scarf by lebrie rich Textural Wet Felting

We’ll spend the day exploring the textural possibilities of wet-felted wool. Using only sheep’s wool and hot soapy water, you’ll learn to sculpt spikes, fins and craters using wet felting techniques and plastic resists. After lunch we’ll explore Nuno Felting – the art of combining wool fiber and fine fabric into a fabulously textured textile. You’ll come away from the class with a collection of samplers that could be small wall hangings or incorporated into your other mixed media works. This class is open to beginners, but would also work for intermediate wet felters wanting to expand their vocabulary in this material.

5-6 hours.

 felting_header Wet Felted Cane Beads

Making a cane, or felted rope is a satisfying way to make great felted beads. This is also how you can make the ever popular felted sushi. The finished product can be strung into bracelets or necklaces, used as buttons, or kept in one’s pocket for luck.

2 -3 hours.

lebrie rich needle felted cakes penfelt Needle Felted Cakes

Make a delectable sweet for your sweetheart (or yourself) out of wool! Using needle felting techniques, we’ll create beautiful and intricate soft sculpture cakes that you can take home at the end of class. Great for beginners.

2-3 hours

nuno felt scarf by lebrie rich portland oregon Nuno Felt Scarf

Nuno Felting is a process of combining wool roving and fine cloth like cotton, silk or poly chiffon with wet felting. In this class you’ll learn to strategically layer merino wool and fabric, then wet felt them together to create a light and fabulously textured textile.

5-6 hours.

bracelets for workshops page 600px Felted Jewelry: Wire, Ball & Thread

In this class we’ll make modular felt jewelry based in experimentation and play! On Tuesday evening you’ll learn wet felting basics by felting around wire and making felted balls. Thursday you will combine the felt forms you made – along with thread wrapping techniques – to create a collection of jewelry that will be as fun to wear as it was to make (almost). No experience necessary – great for beginners.

5-6 hours (can be divided into 2 half days).

 nuno zori by lebrie rich Nuno Zori

Nuno Zori means “fabric shoes” and they’re a traditional type of indoor footwear in Japan. Originally made out of old towels and worn by woodcutters to protect their feet from splinters, they’re essentially fabric flip flops made by weaving fabric around rope. This traditional technique upholds the Buddhist adage “Mottainai” or “waste not want not” by making worn out textiles useful again. We’ll use upcycled T-shirts and simple, ingenious equipment (just two specially bent coat hangers) to make the shoes. Students will leave class with a finished pair of shoes and the skills to make many more pairs of Nuno Zori at home.

4 hours.

cat beret by lebrie rich felt penfelt Felted Beret

The beret is a good introduction to felted hats; its simple shape and iconic spike lend themselves to infinite variation. We will use wool roving and a plastic resist to make the beret with wet felting. Making a beret does not require a headblock or stiffeners, so after this class students will be able to make berets at home without special equipment.

5 – 6 hours.

About PenFelt Studio

PenFelt Studio is LeBrie Rich’s well-equipped workspace located near SE 33rd and Belmont in Portland, Oregon. Workshops are kept small (4-8 students) and frequently fill, so advance registration is strongly recommended. To register, email lebrie [dot] rich [at] gmail.com or call 503-pen-felt. Payment and location details will be provided upon registration. The prices listed include all the materials you’ll need to make your project.

PenFelt Studio is proud to offer sliding scale pricing for seniors/those on a low income who would otherwise not be able to afford workshops. Inquire for more info.